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I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before so apologies in advance. I have been commuting to work by bike for a year and I now want to take the step into clip ins. I've started going out on long rides at the weekend with other cyclists and everyone has clip ins so they must do something. Plus I feel like my bike control is good enough for me to feel safer commuting in clip ins when its raining or rough my feet slip off the pedals.

I want the flat pedal and cleat combo - something like shimano clik'r (but I dont know what else is really out here like it) as I only have the one bike and I go to the shops and pop out during my lunch break on it and I dont want to have to change shoes every time I get on the bike.

I was hoping someone has done something similar and could offer some advice? Or just point me to a previous post that has it all on there :)


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    I think that is the most recent one. Click'r pedals (with tension wound right down to easiest release) with multirelease M56 cleats - are the way to start.

    And practice practice practice before you go on your commute