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New cyclist- advice sought on best cycle.

William234William234 Posts: 4
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Hello everyone.

I am planning to take up cycling and so I an seeking some advice. I am looking, ideally, for a folding cycle (as this would allow me easily to store the bike and to take it with my in my car when travelling), though this is a secondary requirement. I am male, aged 50, 5'10" tall and weigh approx. 75kg. I would consider myself to have relatively low cardiovascular fitness (hence the bike!). My plan is to use the cycle on quiet local roads; I will not be going 'off the beaten track'.

I hope to spend up to around £300 (if, indeed, this is realistic), as I would not want to find that cycling isn't for me and to be left with an expensive piece of equipment on my hands. I'm also unsure about gear shifts (i.e., twist versus trigger type).

Any advice would be most welcome. Many thanks, William.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,070
    cycling has various disciplines, 'road' cyclists are probably not the ones who'll be most knowledgable about folding bikes

    the commuting forum should have more people who own/use one on a regular basis...


    in general, secondhand is worth considering for a first bike, lower outlay and it'll hold resale value much better
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  • Many thanks for this advice - it's most useful and greatly appreciated. As you suggest, I'll also post on the commuter forum.

    Best wishes,
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Go to a bike shop and sit on a bike at the very least. If you buy a bike that doesn't fit you wont ride it.

    Remember to budget for things like helmet, pump, spares, clothing. It gets expensive does this hobby (like many others...).
  • GiantDanceGiantDance Posts: 129
    Buy the best kit you can afford, it works out cheaper in the long run.
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  • Dear craker and Giant Dance

    Thank you for the advice. As I'm in Oxford, I suppose a visit to a bike shop would be the obvious first move! I also appreciate the reminder about budgeting for a helmet, etc.

    William :D
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