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Hi guys,

Im about to build some summer use only wheels and have been contemplating the use of Tubulars. Got a couple of questions.

Is the sealant you can use any good at repairing any punctures? Or would you still take a spare tubular with you on a ride?

I have used tubeless tyres in the past on my mountain bike and won't use them again so I don't want to go down that route.

Appreciate anyone knowledge on the subject. Is it also true that a tyre could be unpicked on a ride and repaired with a standard puncture repair kit?



  • SpookedSpooked Posts: 90
    Argh. Posted on the wrong forum...
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    Well, I'll reply here anyway.

    I ride tubs for pretty well everything, including commuting (apart from two bikes on road tubeless). Once you get used to taping (or gluing) tubs, it's pretty straightforward. I carry a spare tub, pre-taped, and can change it faster than many people can change a clincher. I also carry a can of Velox spray ( which works amazingly well at fixing the usual kind of punctures - pinholes and small cuts. I also run Caffe Lattex in my winter tubs (Vittoria Paves), although eventually I expect that will wreck them as the latex dries up - but then they're not that expensive and they've lasted well so far.

    For regular riding, I use Schwalbe Ones or Specialized S-Works Turbos, both in 24c. For commuting I'm on Challenge Strada 25c. Mostly I carry left-over Schwalbe Ultremo HTs as spares (in Arundel Tubi bags), but for commuting I've got an Elite Tufo Jet (a super-light 19c tub that packs down tiny) as a last-ditch get-me-home tyre. I've not had to use it yet. Two punctures in the last 10,000km, both fixed with Velox spray in moments.

    You can in theory unstitch, repair and restitch a tub at the roadside, and huge chapeau to you if you do, but it's not the work of a moment.

    Planet X is a surprisingly good place to buy tubs, especially Paves and things like older-model Vittoria CX - useful as spares, for instance. Otherwise the usual German vendors generally have good pricing, and Wiggle have Schwalbe Ones on discount at the moment.
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