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New Car Tuesday...

thekickingmulethekickingmule Posts: 7,957
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Morning Losers!

The deal was done yesterday. I signed up for a new car! I'm slightly worried as I remember being excited for getting this car, but it's caused me nothing but misfortune and rubbishness. The new one, a Volvo V50, should be more reliable, and the company is a bit more reliable. I haggled a good bargain, they wouldn't knock any money off the price, but they did up the amount they gave me for the Astra from £150 to £400 :mrgreen:

Today I need to get a load of documents together so I can get the deal sorted. Will need to hand these in after work on the motorbike as the Astra has no MOT as of today.

Busy day ahead, oh yeah, I have work too. Some training or some bo11ocks.

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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,909 Lives Here
    Morning all,
    Still half asleep after being kept awake by foxes for what seemed like half the night. Glad you finally got shot of the Astra old man Mule, enjoy the new motor. I will be driving a hire car to places beginning with R today, first stop Rugby. Tea first though.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,650
    Slow start as my meeting doesn't start until 8.30 in Northwich

    Later is parents everning followed by by a meal out with the wife's family - which is a shame as there is a race on that I would like to do :(
  • kiniookinioo Posts: 776
    Morning Ladies !

    Early start for me - gym @ 6:30.

    Office time now and off to London later on today.

    A bit of mess at home as we are packing up for our 9-day trip to Poland for 7-day biking in south-east.

    Bikes already there waiting for us !

    Two more days to go....

    Have a nice day chaps.

  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    Mornin snifty saddle sniffers,

    Off out to site to look at a poorly war goer, needs some TLC!

    Other than that i'll be laughing at doddering old gits failing to drive their volvos up and down the roads.

    Pip pip.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,725
    Morning Tuesday crudites currently waiting for kitchen fitter for day 2 of 6 off hell, Can't go biking as i'm labouring and when he finish's at teatime the wifelet and sproglets return and give me grief. Arrgghhhh
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 56,801
    Should have read this thread before replying to the Monday thread, doh.

    Look forward to you doing a bit of ditch digging, mule :) Average day at work but beers are on the cards tonight, so not too bad.
    "I spent most of my money on birds, booze and fast cars: the rest of it I just squandered." [George Best]
  • foxc_ukfoxc_uk Posts: 1,292
    Goodly Afterlubrious

    I'm back! Did I miss much?!
    Might have time to post more often now I've got a bit of work/life balance back.
    Today I am mostly pottering about in the new job with no clue what I'm really supposed to be doing.

    On the ride home I am stopping in at the pub to meet best friend, then onwards to the house and teh cat and some leftover paella while the roadie half is out with the club.

    Thought of you lot on my way to Sherwood Pines on Saturday when I passed The Limes Cafe.

  • MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
    Work is happening to me, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Dinner at the girlf's parents tonight, and then she's off to choir practice so a couple of beers and some vidya games, I think.
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    Work is happening to me, no matter how hard I try to avoid it.
    Same here. Done more work today than I have in months and only just had my lunch. Not liking it. Suppose I can't complain too much though, after next week I'm back on easy street.
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,909 Lives Here
    Home after driving around in a German taxi for the day. I now have various options. Go into town to buy stuff, get my ears lowered or loaf. Hmmm...
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