I'm a muppet...let carbon forks drop from frame!

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I was dismantling the headset on my Scott Foil which was in the workstand, and for some reason I didn't think I had released the front brake cable yet but I obviously had because the forks dropped to the concrete floor in a massive clatter before I could stop them!

I've built so many bikes over the years I feel like such an idiot for being so stupid!

The paint has chipped on the bottom of both dropouts, and on one dropout there is a crack in the edge which is a sliver of carbon (see pic).

I'm probably going to have to replace the forks aren't I? A costly mistake this!

19641820866_0a02af0ff8_c.jpg20150713_180854-1_resized by Carl Spiers, on Flickr

19666758515_a5d715a4ea_c.jpg20150713_180814-1_resized (2) by Carl Spiers, on Flickr