Ideas on a good day ride loop!

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I want to arrange a trip for the team. We currently do the usual Cheshire road loops and yesterday did the Mcr/Blackpool organised ride.

I am after ideas on:

- 50 mile (ish) loop
- start and stop at decent hotel with lively nightlife (as middle aged men go!) in hotel or local
- a few hills are ok but not the dales, peak district etc! The Blackpool run was as challenging as we want!
- striking distance of Manchester early morning so time to do the ride that day, and stay over one night

Just ideas really!



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    Lively hotel nightlife? Do you mean hookers? :lol:
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  • Haha! These days just a good bar will do!!
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    Cycling as the acceptable face of alcoholism then? :lol:

    There are loads of great routes in Cheshire, but the best involve a bit of climbing. Alderley Edge-Swiss Hill-The Wizard-Macclesfield-Cat and Fiddle/Macclesfield Forest-Goyt Valley-Pym chair etc...

    Otherwise you can loop around the flatlands of tatton Park, but it seems rather pointless to me

    Alderley edge could be a good base for WAG spotting in the evening... and you never know... :wink:
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  • Thanks mate