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I'm looking for a little advice on panniers please. I've just had a rack fitted, in part for a child seat but for comment ting with a pannier too.

I'm considering two Ortlieb bags, the back-roller Classic and back roller urban.
Am I missing a trick?
The cost difference of the two are quite a lot.

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  • ugo.santalucia
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    I have the classic, they're great, don't see how they can be improved
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    You might want to consider the Bike Packer Classic which I find more practical than the Back Roller type. Instead of a roll top closure you have a standard top flap with two clips which makes it easier and quicker to access contents and enables you to keep items such as a wet rain jacket under the top flap and away from the main compartment. A top flap also enables you to carry long items underneath it which might be too long to fit into the main compartment. Roll top bags are more waterproof if you risk being totally submerged, such as for use in a canoe, but my Ortlieb Bike Packers have never leaked in years of use.

    Whatever type you get, Ortlieb panniers are high quality durable products with an excellent mounting system. Worth the comparatively high price.