SiDI level sizing

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Anybody got a pair if sidi levels and can advise on sizing?

No local stockist so resigned to online purchase so not sure on whether there are true sizing or still a need to size up. Wear size 9/ 43 in most normal shoes/ trainers and wear Spesh Road in a 9 currently


  • length is normally true to size but they tend to be very narrow. Wiggle and sigma sports do free returns so you could buy a few sizes
  • Joeblack
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    Recently bought a pair and went up half a size from my spesh shoes, fits perfect, I don't have particularly wide feet so can't comment on the width but they are the most comfortable shoes in ever ridden in
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  • ben@31
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    Is there a LBS out there that stocks Sidi shoes? I'm looking at buying a new pair and I can't find any stockists to try pairs on. Most LBS just stock usual suspects like Shimano, Bontranger and maybe Giro.

    I think the Sidi importer / sales guys must have the most easiest job in the world, as the have done sweet fa to get them in the shops.

    A lot of the online shops are running out of Sidi stock too.
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