self sealing inner tubes.

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Two visits from the P*cture fairy in one commute. (Different wheels, and the first time in 3 years,)

Any thoughts please on the pros and cons of these?




  • dgunthor
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    i'd just ensure i had good tyres with puncture protection in them.

    punctures tend to come in threes
  • Man Of Lard
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    The day you get a puncture too large for the goo to seal (that size is at least a bawhair smaller than the diameter of a British Standard hawthorn needle), is the day you realise that they're not necessarily a good thing. Slimy, snotty stuff everywhere - bleeding awful.
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    I have some slime tubes in my town hack bike, only because they happened to come out of a bike I bought, they had already sealed at least one penetration (you could see the goo seal) and I haven't had any issues, you can feel the extra weight though as it makes the ride feel 'wooden'.
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  • Horrible things! The rotating mass of the slime in the wheel dulls the ride quality and while they seem to be ok at sealing reasonable size punctures (not that ive had one but it was impossible to delflate a tyre via the valve recently with this stuff in it - it just kept sealing the valve up and had to use a nail gun on the tyre to deflate it in the end!), when the puncture is smaller - like a thorn, there isnt enough airflow through the hole to get the stuff to work.

    Then you are left with a slow puncture that you have to mend with a patch. Try doing that with green slime ozzing out of it and messing up your rubber solution!!

    I've gone back to normal tubes - not worth the cost, hassle, unreliability and ride quality sacrifice.