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Sea Sucker

Scotty-GeeScotty-Gee Posts: 156
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Has anyone invested in the Sea Sucker range of bike carriers?

I've currently got a Thule setup which works great but I only rarely use it and it does create a little wind noise.

The 2 bike Talon option seems like a great alternative which I could just keep in the garage until required.



  • jimmurrayjimmurray Posts: 130
    I've recently bought the single bike model. Haven't used it with a bike yet but tried fitting it yesterday. Very easy to fit to the car and remove. Absolutely rock solid, when I tried messing around with it. Car was rocking but clamp was fixed solid. No marks on the car when I took it off.
  • brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
    I've been borrowing off a mate for a while. It's been between Essex and South Wales quite a lot on the M4. Never had any issues.

    I've literally just bought my own one last night and waiting for PBK now to deliver. They have 30% off them at the moment, plus the 10% for your first order... Got mine for £156. It would take the mini bomber that you are looking at down to £220.

    I normally have enough room still to put the front wheel in the car even with the family, but you may need to also look at the rear flight deck as well if space is an issue.
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  • FlâneurFlâneur Posts: 3,081
    Anyone used it with a MTB too? Was looking at a Saris Gran Fondo, but this could be a neater solution. Apologies for the hijack
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  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    A big well done to the OP for bringing this subject up. Never heard of them, never seen it, won't ever use it for bikes but certainly will for the roof rack solution - which is perfect because you wouldn't constantly have to change adaptor/foot kits (and in some cases even bar lengths) every time you change your car!
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  • brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
    My friend has used it for all his bikes

    Have a look at their promo video... :)

    (not affiliated with them in any way, just used my mates and it works for me)
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    Quintana Roo Cd01
    Project High End Hack
    Cannondale Synapse SL (gone)
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  • Hi another thread resurrection, however as I am going about in an Civic Type R which can't really take a standard rack and I am getting tired of taking wheels off etc I stumbled on these and am a bit dubious (for uk conditions anyway).

    I am wondering of anyone has experience of these in cold temperatures? As I would impagine using it weekly up here in the north of scotland over winter the rubber might become brittle etc? It was the hornet I was looking at, any replies and feedback are greatly appreciated

  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    From their page -

    How does temperature affect SeaSuckers?

    SeaSucker’s vacuum mounts typically aren’t affected by heat. Cold, however, does cause the rubber of the vacuum pad to stiffen. This means that the vacuum pad must be warm when attaching it, so if it gets cold during use and you detach it, you’ll have to warm the vacuum pads before reattaching it.

    People are using it for ski racks - and you'd expect them to be in cold temperatures ? I can't see it being a problem.

    Looks really handy - but if say you were using them for a sportif - I guess you'd need to take the mount off the car roof - what's to stop it getting stolen whilst riding ? That said - its still a lot easier than normal bike racks ?
  • MJS996MJS996 Posts: 20
    A mate of mine at work has bought one to use on his Boxter - works a treat apparantly, he loves it.

    I'd be reluctant to go for the multi-bike options though - they appear to use a base wide enough to hold 2 or 3 bikes - but the roof of most cars is slightly curved, so I wonder how well they stick. But the 1 bike option... very tempted.
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