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Pinnacle Lithium 3 2013 - London - PLEASE READ

dplskdplsk Posts: 2
edited July 2015 in Road stolen
Hello guys,

My name is Darren and I am asking you to keep an eye out for my stolen bike.

The bike in question is a blue men's hybrid bike.

The poster below has more details. Please feel free to print it off, but do not distribute this poster. The thief may see it and dispose of my bike before the police can get to it.


I suspect the thief still has the bike or has sold it to someone within London.

If the bike is safe enough to retrieve then please do so and call the police on 101, so they can take it from you.

If you are unable to do this, please leave the location of the bike, call the police on 101 and use my crime reference number to inform them of its location.

If you wish to report information to the police anonymously then replace 101 with 0800 555 111, which is the crimestoppers number.

The bike was stolen on Thursday 2nd July 2015 between 0200 and 0300 hours.

It was stolen from Effingham Road, London, N8 0AB.

A witness has said the thief is Eastern European and was wearing a black & red striped Nike t-shirt.

There is a potential reward of £100 if my bike is safely returned to the police intact.

All assistance is appreciated. I hope this goes a long way to deterring bike theft.


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