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Quick question,

I swapped my cassette out for one that goes lower, since I have been a fat lazy bum and all my mates are flying up hills and having to wait for me at the top.

I bought an new chain (ultegra 6800) followed the 99 degree rule in big big, fitted the chain and figured out that if I cross chain the other way (rare - but I do it by accident occasionally) I have so much slack that my chain wraps around the corner. Some experimentation shows removing another link will fix the prob.

I've removed the bullet and simply want to shorten one link further. can I remove a link from the side that overlaps? Or do I need to remove the link from the side that is the middle of the chain? Also - I stuck the bullet through again, needless to say, it just slides through now (I thought it would anyway, but wanted to tuna quick test). Am I right in guessing that the bullet will have worn down, since it is a softer metal than the chain itself and that the hole in the chain won't actually have expanded or taken noticeable wear? - so I simply need an extra 'bullet/ chain link pin' not a new chain?


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    A full link is 1" in length and includes one set of inner plates and one set of outer plates.

    You should always use a new joining pin. Or a suitable joining link.
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