Carrera Vanquish 2015 vs Carrera TDF Ltd

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Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie to road cycling and am trying to distinguish the difference between the vanquish and tdf for the difference in price, looking at the 54cm frame.
The Halfords chap pointed me towards the TDF as it is more of a "beginner" bicycle and would be a comfier ride compared to the Vanquish.

Vanquish 2015 link

TDF link

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



  • Salsa
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    Get the Vanquish it's by far the better of the two. The frame and forks are the same so the comfort statement is incorrect, the Claris gearing is way better than the Tourney, just go in and look at the derailleurs, shifters and the chainset and you'll see the difference in quality. Also the 7 speed freewheel system on the TDF is inferior than the 8 speed cassette system on the Vanquish.
  • willjb15
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    Thanks Salsa,

    One final concern of mine, is that as this is the 2015 bike, when will the 2016 bike be released?
    Is it likely the 2016 bike will be released soon and the price will drop further?
    I've tried to search this via google however, cannot find the release dates.
  • Salsa
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    Halfords don't do yearly updates, more like every 2-3 years. The Vanquish is cheaper than it's ever been and the money off road bikes is just for the Tour.