School fair Saturday

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shoot sleep when I needed a good one as a long day :(

Today was meant to start with a decent ride with the lads, but none of them can make it. So might as well do some jobs as away tomorrow cycling and apparently I should do more jobs rather than pay people to do them :roll:

Then it's off to the school fair for FOUR HOURS as the kids are running various stalls, the up side is some of the yummy mummies & normally there is beer.

Later it's off to a party in the park with another couple of families - should be good

Right, time for more tea


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    Blimey, afternoon already.
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    Afternoon hoop hooverers!

    I have sported, baconsed and boozed and due to being awake most of the night with the thunder and lightning will be snoozing for a while.

    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Evening mongs,

    Busy day doing jobs and getti g for Stropteens 3 day school camping trip, which means a bit less grief for a few days. Been out for a bit this evening now dossing with a large cold glass of grog :)
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