Rapha rain jacket or race cape

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As above, looking at the rapha rain jacket or race cape . Not looking for other suggestions but anyone with experience of either, opinions appreciated.........


  • mfin
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    The Rain Jacket is great, I only use it when it's already raining or dead cert to rain. When it's not so likely I take something far more packable myself (it's still reasonable packable though). Dunno about the other one.
  • dowtcha
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    I have a rain cape and have never used it. Its quite bulky and does not pack down very well, like all waterproof's its not meant to be very breathable. I think you would get more use out of the rain jacket.
  • thegreatdivide
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    I'm the opposite. I started out with the rain jacket and while it's a fantastic bit of kit I picked up a race cape last spring and it's so much better than the jacket. The fit is snug but very comfortable, the fabric is more breathable than the jacket and it's kept me bone dry in torrential rain. This years Etape Caledonia was soaking, but I rode it at full pelt and never felt I was overheating. While its fabric is a bit more robust than the jacket it'll roll up and fit in a jersey. IMO it's one of the best bits they've done since the PT jacket and bibs.
  • flasher
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    As above I started with a rain jacket but have now got rid of it and use the race cape, both are great but the fit of the cape is far better.
  • Ditto - the rain cape fits better.
  • paulmon
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    I prefer the rain jacket to the cape. I found the cut of the cape to be too aggressive which is fine if you are racing. The rain jacket packs down pretty well and is useful at the café stop on colder rides. The slight looser fit of the rain jacket helps when in autumn/winter when you have more or thicker layers.

  • itboffin
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    first wet ride in my rain jacket this morning and it performed perfectly, only two problems i could tell

    Large is now too big for me :roll:
    If i'd been really pushing hard i get the feeling it would have been quite boil in the bag but then again its no where nearly cold enough for a jacket that thick even if it was 11C here this morning.

    I tried on the race cape and it fitted me like a glove but as i already have the wind jacket i thought a thicker rain jacket would be better when in fact what i NEED is all three.

    Guess its another trip to the archive store this weekend :lol:
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