Dura Ace 7850 front hub grinding/washer problem, help needed

bing gordon
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I decided to give the hubs a strip down as they were starting to sound a bit rough bit gritty. I noticed one side bearing cup was slightly rough under the bearings so I gave it a light sanding with wet & dry just to take the edge off it. Although it looks a tab rough in the picture it's quite smooth . It was then I noticed that one side has a black insert type black washer under the bearing rack and the other side doesn't (please see pictures)


Is that normal or has is there a black washer missing that kinda tucks into a recess ? when I put it back together no matter how much twiddling I do I just can't get it to run smooth although all the bearings and cups are fine. And if there is a missing black washer what's it's actual title or were can I get one (any links would be helpful) .