Orbea Bicycle for Commuting

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I have just been to the local bike shop, they have a stock of Orbea bikes. They had on in particular which looked pretty awesome.


But before I get too carried away here is the route.

The fastest route is along roads and something I stopped enjoying on my road bicycle - a combinations of potholes and narrow busy A roads. Some parts were 60mph, narrow road, blind bends, hilly - pretty scary for some in a car, never mind a bicycle.

Considering what off-road alternatives I have, and could end up with a 14 1/2 mile route.

I'm about 6 foot, and was recommended a medium frame with 29 inch wheels.

They didn't have this one in showroom, but in their catalogue and it seems to label it as a cross country racer (Which i obviously needs as a commuter ;) )

Or there is a hardtail

I'm not adverse to spending this much money, but I still like to make sure it's not a rip off.

Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks