Alternative to Shimano SF-MX30?

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What are alternatives to Shimano SF-MX30? I would like 15T as well, as 16T is a bit too low gearing.

Is changing 3/32 single speed to 1/8" single speed a simple affair? Just change over chainring make sure I get correct BCD, chain and sprocket, chain lines will be equal, no spacers required?

With 1/8" is there more variety in sprocket chainring, ie there are chainrings in 1 tooth increments, wheras 3/32 has less?

One of the bikes has a "formula single speed kit" which I assume is a regular cassette freehub with a spacers to convert it to SS?

So all I need is one of these (pretty cheap) in 1/8


What is the smallest recommended sprocket to use (so have good chain contact)

then one of these

However if a new quality freewheel is this expensive..
Say... That's a nice bike..
Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)