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Size 14-16 in M&S, obese in bikes clothes

MissybikerMissybiker Posts: 73
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I understand that clothing companies often have different ideas on sizing but I can go into most high street shops and buy an item of clothing often in a size 14 or occasionally a size 16. I understand from the media that I am the average woman. As a relatively newbie to cycling I am obsessed with buying things for my bike (and me). I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the silly sizes being offered by biking clothing firms. I bought a large Emdura Xtract rain jacket. Loved the colour but could only zip it up by breathing in, no way could I have leNt forward on a bike. More Mile offer x large as a size 14. I put an M & S size 14 on and it flatters my bust and skims by tummy. I put on a size 16 in cycling gear and look like I have squashed my boobs into a sausage skin. Now I know there are thousands of fit cyclists with an enviably slim/trim figure , but I also see lots of women who look like me. I don't believe I am fat, Although I probably carry 10lb too much. I am as fit as a dog but carry my weight around my tummy (similar to many women in their 50's) and yet I find it almost impossible to find tops that fit. But I am insulted by the fact that a size 12 is a large and a 14 is an extra large. These clothing companies are missing out on a huge market, the size 14,16 (and even size 18's) who simply love getting on their bike and riding. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it really just me? Are there any firms who provide fashionable clothing at a reasonable price?


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Fat Lad at the back:-
    Don't be put off by the name!
    Their stuff is made with average people in mind and if you follow the measurements/sizing charts you won't go wrong!
    I'm a bloke,have a bit of "middle aged spread" and wear a size L in normal" clothing but have to buy XXL in my Road club kit and still look like a strangled cat in it!
    In the FLAB stuff I buy a 44* chest and the bit around the tummy is loose and comfortable!
  • exlaserexlaser Posts: 229
    My wife is also new to cycling and of a similar build. She's found 'fat ladd at the back' and 'Corinne Dennis' to be really good. The quality is good with both brands and the sizing with both is for 'real' people not just cycling racing snakes. :)
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  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Don't spend too much money though! As you get more in to the cycling the weight will start falling off and you'll need a load of new clothes. It happened to me and eventually I caved in and bought new clothes that fit. It cost a bomb!
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  • MissybikerMissybiker Posts: 73
    Thanks for your comments! Encouraging to know that there are a few companies that make clothes for the average woman ( and man!). I had heard of fat lad ( and lass) at the back, and love the idea behind the brand. The prices are top end for me though. Hadn't heard of the Corinne Dennis brand so will check them out.

    I did have a major breakthrough today. I saw a Dare2b ladies Revel top and bought the size 16 for £12.94. It fits perfectly, skimming the waist and the white panels make me look as if I have a waist. There are some nice features (small pocket at rear) and hi viz lines down the back. I am really pleased with it. It's great quality, looks good and was a real bargain (Amazon). Think I may well have found a brand that wants to sell to chunky monkeys like me. A real woman who is as fit as anyone but loves her chocolate too!

    Oh, you are right about losing weight. I have great legs, really toned and no spare fat. (Arms are starting to build muscle too) That's where the good news end, cycling is having absolutely no impact on the 8 inches from under my boobs to my hips! Tell everyone about Dare2b!
  • awaveyawavey Posts: 2,368
    Oh, you are right about losing weight. I have great legs, really toned and no spare fat. (Arms are starting to build muscle too) That's where the good news end, cycling is having absolutely no impact on the 8 inches from under my boobs to my hips! Tell everyone about Dare2b![/quote]

    I actually gained weight the first year I started taking cycling more seriously :cry: as I was responding to the post ride feeling really hungry pangs by eating loads more, but that made buying cycling clothes in the right sizes even more ridiculously complicated as stuff that had seemed to fit was "shrinking", and although Ive lost that weight and a tiny bit extra since then Ive still far too many aspirational sized cycling tops I doubt Ill ever fit in properly, and really the only extra pounds Im losing by cycling is when buying kit that probably just wont fit properly. though I do think some cycle clothes manufacturers think XL is a size 8 or they use logarithmic rulers for measuring or something as some of the stuff they sell in some sizes is ridiculously tiny.

    but yes the Fat Lad/Lass stuff is good fit, it is worth the extra,though I actually think the fit from Wiggles Dhb brand,which are also more realistically sized for women, is fairly good fit too and they have decent pricing structure too, and Primalwear as well who have a good range of large sizes. I know had a feature a while back on some of the brands people have already mentioned and a few others based in the US, but once I find a brand/fit, I tend to kind of stick to them and then buy lots of the same pieces rather than try lots of other brands
  • MissybikerMissybiker Posts: 73
    Thanks Awavey for the tip on dhb and procycling. I will take a look. You may well be right about the post ride hunger. I crave fruit and fibre breakfast cereal after every ride which could be why the weight isn't falling....

    I wore my new top from Dare2b (revel) in teal, today and it really does look great. well pleased. so much so I bought another in a different colour. I also bought a wind jacket from dare2b and again looks great. More so when you consider the cost of £10.

    Thanks to all for your comments! :D
  • puckertoepuckertoe Posts: 1
    Im too in my fifties and took up cycling to keep fit. However im very overweight and look ridiculous in anything tight fitting. I purchased a top specifically for women that said it was a 42 way can i get it on. Its the fat fascists at work trying to make sure that we never enjoy getting fit. So i go out in my ridiculous looking tight lycra. I have to wear mens xl shorts from Aldi. And when it rains i wear something resembling a red bin bag in its elegance.
    its hard being a fatty trying to get fit, when you wonder why others dont follow my example and try to do something about their condition, ask your self if youre a fat fascist too. Then at least wave to us as you peddal swiftly by as we slog up that hill puffing away in our stupid looking biking clothes made for beautiful people...
  • Hi Puckertoe! Just read your post. I am a 42 bust and the dare2b range in a size 16 really are a relaxed fit. Everything skims the fat magically and I really would recommend their range. I also have a lot of ladies Crane (large) gear (crane is Aldi's range) and is actually very good quality (fab value) and like the dare2b true to size. I've met so many women who Re bigger than me and they leave me for dead in hills, so I know that you can be fit and healthy. I count myself as Mrs average (in the chunky monkey size range) but I know I am fitter than I have ever been (and probably fitter than many 54 years old women and that's good enough for me!

    Keep up the riding :D
  • I hear you you Missy, I'm very broad shouldered and muscular chest and its the same for me. XXL wouldn't fit around my left testicle let alone my chest.

    But Adidas Cycling clothing is very relaxed and they have very good 'proper' sizes. Their bigger sizes are what you are used to in the shops as opposed to being four times smaller than reality. In normal clothes I'm a XL top or sometimes a Xxl (depending on make) and in Adidas cycling gear I'm the same, XL.

    Give them a try. Good luck
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Check out Aldi and Lidl- get in on their weekly emails - they have bike clothes every 3 months or so - their jackets and jerseys are ridiculous value for money. Shorts - maybe not so much....

    And I'm slim (ish) and I've had XL kit from Italian makes before now. Sizing is crazy - but so long as it fits I'm not bothered how many X's are in there.
  • dizzydanedizzydane Posts: 322
    I should be a std size 8, however the clothes in my wardrobe go from a 6 to a 14... ??

    Read product reviews online as most people will recommend sizing up (or down). Find kit that fits and cut the label out ;o)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Don't be put off - the first time I tried in a cycle jersey my wife nearly split her sides laughing - said I looked like a badly stuffed sausage !!!!

    I shopped around until I got a size that fitted and chose one for "normal " sized person ( bumps and lumps etc )

    Have fun !!
  • TonyJamsTonyJams Posts: 214
    We had this a while ago - we recognised that there were clothes out there for regular sized people rather than athletes but the shops stocking them were few and far between - so we put a women pages together on bikesy that lets you search by sizes - you can get results from the UKs top bike shops in one go and work out exactly who has got your size in stock
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