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Full suspension XC frame

implorimplor Posts: 4
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi. I have been looking for a FS XC frame to build my own bike. The goal is to build it myself from scrats this winter and then do 90km forest race next summer. So I want to start with buying the frame first and then look for parts in the september sale.

But the issue is I can't find any decent frames for a good price. XC is about 69-71 degree head angle and all frames i find within my price range is more trail/AM style. My budget for the frame is MAX £800 (without sup. and fork).

Any suggestions? Any deals i haven't seen? Even trail frames might be interesting if a good XC frame can't be found.

It's a bit hard to be motivated when you see a complete bike for £1200 (Canyon AL) and a frame is £1000+ if you want it standalone :cry:


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