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Look Blade 1

craigmorgancraigmorgan Posts: 89
edited July 2015 in Workshop
Hi All

I have a pair of look Keo 1 Blades, and have managed to snap one of the blades. Anyone know where I can get this replaced? To good to really throw away


  • cc78cc78 Posts: 599
    The same thing happened to me; the LBS were able to order a replacement direct from Look. I think they may also have required a special workshop tool to fit it.

    Happily the Norn-Iron based online retailer from whom I bought the pedals were also good enough to refund the cost of the new blade (about € 25 IIRC).
  • RoktRokt Posts: 493
    Contact Fisher Outdoors, the people that import Look. I've had a few dealings with them over the last few months and they are very good.
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