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adambruntlettadambruntlett Posts: 257
edited July 2015 in Road buying advice
So my C2W scheme is coming to an end and her indoors is encouraging me to get another bike as the 'C2W window' has just opened at the company I work for. I know, i can't believe it either...

The current bike is a Cube Agree GTC Pro 2014, which I have yet to touch upgrades-wise, but I'm getting itchy to replace the Fulcrum 7 wheels for something lighter or more aero. I commute 12 miles each way for work and then do 80/100 mile club runs at the weekend at an average pace of around 17/18+ mph, so am thinking of keeping the Cube for weekend rides and getting a CX bike for commuting (which will be better for winter riding - mudguards etc) but getting the shop to upgrade the wheels so that I can switch them over with the F7s on my carbon bike.

So, I'm looking for a 10-speed (I have old 105 on my Cube) CX bike with rim brakes for around £600 I'd think. Hopefully the kindly bike shop would allow me to upgrade the wheels for around £400 and 'top up' the price to the £1000 limit.

Any suggestions, or does anyone think this is a stupid idea?


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