Rear Wheel rim cracked

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I`ve had a set of Cole Rollen Elite wheels for over a year now, however the rear rim is showing signs of cracking round some of the spoke holes, with one quite bad. So in a bit of a conundrum on what to buy next, keep reading that someone my weight 90ish kg should be looking for a higher spoke count wheel but there aint alot out there unless going handbuilt. Not wanting to spend lots just now, budget limits and all that. Are there any wheelsets that can take a wee bit of punishment? Was thinking either a brand new wheelset or get just a rear now?


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    if they're cracking after just a year or so i'd be making a warranty claim!

    90kg isn't light, but nor is it heavy in terms of typical equipment weight limits

    there're a few threads on the subject, might be worth a read, for instance this has a lnk to spa cycles...

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  • But then buying a wheel similar to the one thats just failed would be utter madness.
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    It may be a faulty wheel i.e a rim with a QC issue or spoke tension too high. Maybe a second set will work better for you but your best bet is a rim with a thick spoke nipple bed like the H plus son archetype. That rim never cracks and there are other robust rims out there.

    Persue a warranty claim though as year is not long unless you have done 10,000 miles on them and have concave brake tracks. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    unfortunately don`t think warranty pursuing is an option for me as I bought the bike which they were fitted on effectively 2nd hand, from my LBS. Dunno may drop them an email or speak to them about warranty or go to Cole direct? However I think over the winter I will buy the parts for a new wheelset and ask someone to build them for me.