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2008 Campagnolo Eurus Wheels with Shimano 11spd Cassette?

jacksomdjacksomd Posts: 49
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I have a pair of Campagnolo Eurus wheels which I bought in 2008. They are fitted with a Shimano free hub which I used on a 10spd Ultegra equipped bike. I really love these wheels! :o)

I am considering a new bike purchase which will be fitted with an Ultegra 11spd groupset. The question I have is, will an Ultegra 11spd cassette work on the Shimano free hub I already have on these wheels? I assume it is a Shimano 10spd free hub. If not, can the free hub be replaced on these wheels to make them 11 spd compatible of are the wheels to old and out of date for that modification?

I've looked on the Campagnolo website and they have an FAQ but I can't find a specific answer to this question - there is one but the link seems to be broken! I would really like to keep these wheels so just want to understand what my options are.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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