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Ladybower Loop - how traffic free is it

ageisageis Posts: 49
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I'm very new to mtbing but I've never been to the peak district even though I was born and educated here in Manchester. Most of been one of the many tips I missed out on because I forgot to ask a guardian to sign the slip / couldn't afford.

I NEVER cycle on the road because it makes me feel nervous and am not in control. So how traffic free is the route? Like I said am a complete amateur and so are there any nasty surprises I need to know of i.e. rooty terrain, steep drops etc etc? Or is there any other cycle trails you can recommend that reasonable traffic free?


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    It depends what you meant by the Ladybower loop.
    Loop around the Dams?
    Loop on the Hills around Ladybower?
    Both are relatively traffic free.
    The loop around the dams has some Tarmac but it's mostly closed to the public apart from the road to Fairhmes from the A57. This can be avoided by going down the oath at the side of the road but the road is very quiet anyway. The route is generally a wide fire track and not technical at all.
    The Loop(s) on the hills have varying degrees of Tarmac depending on which you do but some of it has a cycle oath on the pavement and the back roads are very very quiet.You can avoid Tarmac altogether if you know where you're going.These loops are more technical and rough and rocky with some steep climbs and descents.
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