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Which steel 29er frame - Rockhopper doner bike

Rich_HRich_H Posts: 32
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi all

Ever since I rode my brothers Whyte 19 steel (years ago now) I've been tempted by a steel hardtail frame. I currently have a 2013 Rockhopper Comp 29er. I've recently come into some unexpected money, so have £500-£1000 I could spend on just a frame, and then move the majority of the Rockhopper parts over, then sell on that frame. I upgraded the Rockhopper to Reba 100mm tapered forks.

So.....what steel frame to go for? I've had a look around and both the Salsa El Mariarchi and Cotic Solaris look good. The Ritchey P29er gets great reviews, but the looks don't do it for me. So what options are out there? All suggestions welcome, and key for me would be that the 100mm tapered fork and majority of other Rockhopper parts would swap over.

Fill yer boots!


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