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Giant anthem 2 27.5 setup

odessoukyodessouky Posts: 264
edited June 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
hi all
So my bike arrived in the post today.
Front wheel was removed, so were the handle bars.

I've received my road bike before in the post, so have some VERY basic setup skills, and wanted to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

So a few questions please to the gurus out there:

1- when I inserted the seat post and saddle, there was a warning if I push it all in I may damage the bike? There is NO MAX LIMIT OR LINE on the seat post that says do not insert any further? I just pushed it all the way in till it hit metal, then pulled it out a little and tightened?

2- the front wheel has a 15mm axle. I tightened it to the Max and the locked the release lever? Should I not tighten to the MAX?

3- I do not have a stand, so I was working on the bike upside down. Are the bottoms of the shox supposed to be hollow and exposed? Isn't there a plastic cap or something to cover them from the elements?

Pics attached!!

Bike with heavy steel wiggle pedals and some wrapping still on the shox at 12.69kgs. Impressed with the weight for a full susser...





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