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BMC SLX01 - seat post problem

wojtek10611wojtek10611 Posts: 2
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I have chance to buy BMC frame model SLX01, but i have one big problem - this seller which have this frame don`t have seat post to this frame. It`s not normal seat post. It`s rly rare model 73.5mm and I try to search this model in all places. I ask my local dealer about this seat post and he told me that model is out of stock in manufacturer. It`s rly big problem because this seat post be in some english shops like evanscycles but I predict that is the same situation which in my country. Still out of stock. Anybody can help me ? I search on all websites like ebay, aliexpress or something and i can`t find even some staff to replacemant that seat post. Sorry for my bad english but i think that you can understand my intentions. Help me if you can please, because i rly want to buy this frame.


  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Do you mean the SLX01 with the locking seat post that uses an over-centre cam to lock the post into position? They're hard to find. In the UK Evans are (were, not sure now) sole stockists for BMC so you won't have much joy looking through the other usual routes like Wiggle etc. When I looked on Ebay for one a few years ago they were quite expensive going for around £150 used.
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