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Triban 500se or something else?

theymademedoittheymademedoit Posts: 34
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I am just about to purchase my 1st road bike for commuting and general fitness since my Raleigh racer in the 80’s.
After a few searches I came across the B’Twin Tribans.
They seem to be the best in my budget (sub £350) and I wondered if the 500SE is the best bang for the buck?
I was also looking at a Triban 300 (£250) but the size I need isnt in stock.
Can anyone offer opinions before I recklessly buy one without any advice?
Any alternatives to the Triban for the price?


  • dyrlacdyrlac Posts: 751
    Any alternatives to the Triban for the price?

    Frankly no. They are outstanding value (although you may from time to time see a Felt from Wiggle on deep discount, but probably not all the way to sub 350). The big compromise you're making with the 500SE is the Microshift transmission rather than the Shimano Sora you would see on the 520 (£450ish) (or the even more amazing 105 on the 540 (£600ish)), but if it's your first road bike since the 80s, you won't notice. You're also getting a triple crankset which doesn't look terribly Pro (<dodges rotten fruit>). Mate of mine just did a triathlon on the 500SE after a similar layoff and is now hooked. Prefer the 500SE over the 300 because you get a carbon fork on the former, which is a real advantage on English roads.
  • dyrlacdyrlac Posts: 751
    Replying to my own reply, I see in the Carrera thread that there are some silly prices going on at Halfords; worth a look at least!
  • smwatson90smwatson90 Posts: 17
    If you can stretch an extra £50 then the Verenti Defense with Sora groupset is worth a look.
  • Well I jumped in (just like I thought I would) and bought the 500se.
    I hope the size is OK as I cant try one.
    5ft 11'' 32'' leg.
    Fingers crossed!
    Is there anything I should look to replace on it first such as tires?
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    The thing that will make the biggest difference is the saddle - all bums are different so you need one to suit. Tyres will wear out anyway and you can replace them then.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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