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Carbon saddle

thebadgerboy1982thebadgerboy1982 Posts: 266
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Hi all,

Ive got a very creaky saddle and i think its coming from the carbon rails slipping against the seat post clamp. Its a specialized romin. Ive seen some fizik saddles with some form of fabric tape on the rails which I'm thinking will solve the problem.

Does anyone know what this tape is? It looks like rim tape!



  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,227
    the 'tape' is solid and bonded to the rails on the fizik saddles, it's more like a layer of cf/similar has been wrapped around then hardened as the epoxy sets

    some saddles creak where the rails attach to the saddle itself

    if you can't tell where the noise is coming from...

    remove saddle

    try flexing it, see if it creaks, if not then clean rails and clamp, remount, test

    if the saddle itself is creaking maybe someone with the same one can advise, but you could try applying some light lube to the affected area and see if it helps
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  • thanks for the info
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If you conclude it's the carbon rails creaking in the clamp, try some carbon assembly paste on the contact surfaces.

    Stopped my carbon post slipping in an alloy frame, with much less heaving on the clamp bolt.
  • SpeckledSpeckled Posts: 97
    Think with carbon rails creeking is just something you have to live with, ive put paste on mine and although it never slips, it will creek every now and then especially when hitting bumps in the road. I check the bolt for tightness every so often too in case it works its self a little loose
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