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Bike any good ? Calibre Point.50

povilasandpovilasand Posts: 12
edited June 2015 in MTB buying advice

I want to start mountain biking so I am looking for a bike.
I am expecting to buy a bike which could last me for 2-3 seasons.
I expect to drive it in specialized trails in the forests where are quite few within my living distance (Denmark).
I assume these trails are not very complicated however I want to buy a bike which would be sturdy enough not to afraid to ride it.
One guy offered me to buy GRAND CANYON AL 5.9 which would cost me 910eur including shipment, however its quite pricey for me canyon. com/en/mountainbikes/bike.html?b=3642.

Today I spotted a deal for a Calibre Point.50 gooutdoors. for 570euros. How these bikes compares and what I loose buying cheaper option?
Is it worth the price or I just should jump on expensive Canyon?

Thanks! :)
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