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Beginner learning group cycling

ryanmc29ryanmc29 Posts: 4
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I have been cycling for about a month and was suggested to me that I try a group, so I did. Most reasonably experience, some into racing etc.
However, I am a little light on etiquette, and would like some advice, if anyone?
I also find I am descending more quickly than some others when freewheeling, and got a bit of a ticking off for touching my brakes- any advice on what to do? I think it is because I am heavier than most so roll quicker once momentum is there.

Many thanks in advance :)


  • VslowpaceVslowpace Posts: 189
    Most clubs should have an etiquette policy, just search for a few clubs online and see what they have to say for themselves.

    Basics are communication
    Riding smoothly- no sudden bursts of speed or slowing down
    Don't overlap wheels
    Do a turn on the front and when you get there don't stop pedalling
    Know your hand signals - pointing out hazards etc

    I can't see how someone can complain if you're braking downhill while maintaining the groups speed, braking and slowing down then yes.

    It's not really difficult but some people seem to not get it despite being repeatedly told.
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    Make sure you are comfortable drinking from your bidon and maintaining speed. Get used to eating on the move, have your gels/energy bars accessible so you're not faffing trying to get them out.
    If going uphill and changing from big ring to small then let the guys behind know, there can be a momenterily drop in your pace when you do this which can impact the guy directly behind.
    The descents point is fair, I had an off a year or two ago because of a newbie constantly touching his brakes on a descent and then slamming on before a bend. Even maintaining speed the sound of braking may make people nervous around you. If on a proper descent now I tend to move myself out of harms way and then regroup again. My club tends to fracture on ascents and descents which I have to admit I prefer. Some of the guys are nuts (faster and braver than me) and others are better on the ascents. I like to do climbs at my own pace and will wait for the other members at the top.
    Most important part of the ride for me is to have fun and enjoy the chit chat.
  • ryanmc29ryanmc29 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the pointers, appreciated :)
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    For the descents bit no one should be having a go at you unless you're over-braking all the time. I usually descend quicker than the average of the group so either make sure I'm at the front, leave a pretty big gap in front of me before the descent or hang at the back - descending in a close-knit group is asking for trouble anyway on the standard of most club riding and the state of our roads.
  • Ian78Ian78 Posts: 24
    Ride double file and annoy car drivers :lol:
    That's what some of them do around here :o
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