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Replacing Charge Spoon with Fabric saddle

antonyfromozantonyfromoz Posts: 482
edited June 2015 in Road buying advice
Apologies if this has already been discussed (didn't find anything in my search) but has anyone replaced a charge spoon saddle with one of their new Fabric range and, if so, which one did you get and how do you like it? I have a white spoon on my old bike which is very comfortable but the colour will look terrible on my new bike (vain, I know...). I could replace it with another spoon but have been thinking of moving to a Fabric scoop instead. What i am not sure about is which of one is the closest to the spoon in its comfort and curvature - the flat, shallow or radius? I tend to ride often on the hoods but i like to be able to comfortably hold a position in the drops for a large percentage of the time too. I know that saddles are a personal thing but any insights will be appreciated.


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