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~~~~~WARNING: I like pictures~~~~~

Hi folks, I like reading peoples progress threads and stuff and thought I'd do one of my own for my Kona. So here we go, this my Kona HeiHei 2013. It's a 29r, only has 100mm travel but it does the job for me right now. As it stands I'd love to get a nice shiny new trail bike but that's not an option so there are a few upgrades coming to improve it and I'm getting into the nitty gritty of set ups and better looking after it all.

Here's a couple of pictures I've taken out and about so you guys know what she looks like...




Imeediately I slapped on some DMR grips and picked up some cheap V8 pedals...


The grips lasted ok till I had a nice off one day and it split both grips from the end to about half way down :| So I stuck on some nasty cheap ones for the time being, the pedals are still going strong but I'm thinking about an additional upgrade and get some new ones.

So I'll be updating this later, as I'm currently going through a decent strip down and clean, ready for my parts to come in and get fitted (hopefully this week). I plan on making notes of everything from suspension settings to tyre pressures and whenever I do any sort of service work on the bike. Looking further down the road, whatever bike I buy next will most likely be a Kona so this could be a long term post...and hopefully you guys enjoy reading and hell maybe someone even learns something, I know I'm learning from this place too :lol:
2013 Kona HeiHei - 29 Life


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    So as I mentioned, I've begun a full strip down and clean (something I shamefully admit, I haven't done in 2 years of ownership :? ). All ready for stripping...


    In the process she got flipped and spun in every direction I could find to make removal easier...


    Which also highlighted how badly she needed cleaning...


    ...and here she was with only the cranks, front mech and rear suspension set up on...


    I had some difficulties getting the cranks off (its a recurring theme that the bits on my bike aren't like the parts people demonstrate on videos so I kinda have to work things out a little myself when they don't seem to come apart like they should) but eventually I got it sorted and after a bit of cleaning up today I've now got a frame that looks like this...


    I know it's not sparkling...however I'm not going for fresh out of the shop I just want it in a better state than it was, and it is certainly an improvement!!
    2013 Kona HeiHei - 29 Life