Negative rise stems

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Currently got a colnago v1-r with a regular deda superleggera stem and bars in 110mm, no spacers under the stem, however I've got a replacement fork coming and I was thinking of changing to a negative rise stem to get a bit lower. The frame is a 52 sloping I'm 5ft 11, so I could probably extend the reach a bit. Wanted to try some nice aero bars but might just stick with rounded, any advice or recommendations would be appreciated


  • crankycrank
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    Well, if you're looking for something that can give you and idea of reach and height in comparison to what you have now this is an excellent stem geometry comparison chart. Just remember that when you lower your stem you usually (but not always) will have to extend the reach slightly to maintain the same comfort.
  • bernithebiker
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    I use a -30' Zipp stem on an Sworks 54, it gets me down where I want to be. No spacers, obviously.