Service, new wheels and tyres.

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I after a bit of advice if possible please. I'm due to go on a charity bike ride in mid July covering 500 miles over 5 days. I'm in the process of buying all my new kit to go but was wondering when I should book my service in and when should I put the new wheels and tyres on my bike?

Between now and the ride I'm hoping to covering around 300 miles in training - a bit will be done on a turbo on a different bike.

I don't want to have it all done now if they'll be worn etc by the actual ride.

Hope some one can help


  • jgsi
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    We try to do own work here in Workshop... but I'd recommend you have it sorted as soon as .. give it chance to bed in again.... things will not wear out in the interim, dont know where you get that idea from.... and you need to road test the setup you'll be riding.
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    You are talking pretty small distances, just make sure your tyres are not too worn out and you'll be fine
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    Pretty much as above. Get things changed when they need to be, but if you are running new tyres etc. for a big ride, do not do it just before the big event - get a few hundred km in just to be certain it is going to be fine (no manufacturing defects etc. as well as scrubbing the tyre properly).

    Tyres last 1000s of km and wheels tens of 1000s of km - so 300 miles of training isn't going to harm anything adversely.