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Principia RSL - Carbon build.

badly_dubbedbadly_dubbed Posts: 1,350
edited August 2015 in Your road bikes
So after being away from cycling for what seems like ages, I've returned and managed to pick up an RSL locally for £100....nothing really awesome in the way it looked, so decided after i dislocated my knee, that having some time until it healed that i would strip it and re-build with some nicer parts....nothing mental, but nicer to look at (i think anyway)

The way i picked it up:

and you know, for £100 would have been fairly expensive back in its day..Dura-ace brakes, shifters, seat post. Ultegra wheels and groupset etc!

but just wasn't to my taste, so it was stripped for paint.

original Carbon forks with Carbon steerer were a nice surprise and don't require much to make them look great


so onwards to ebay....and some choice carbon i said, its not a mega money build...



still waiting for some 50mm carbon clinchers to arrive, and the frame to come back from the painters so will keep this updated when they arrive....


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