V brake versus deep drop

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I am looking at three bikes

Bike one
Brakes Genesis Day one
Tektro C-310 V-Brake
Brake Levers
Tektro RL-520

Bike two
Brakes Genesis Flyer
Tektro R315 57mm Long-Drop
Brake Levers
Tektro RL-340

Bike three
Brakes Genesis Day One disc
TRP Spyre-C w/ 160mm Rotors & Jagwire KEB-SL Compressionless Outer
Brake Levers
Tektro RL-340

I have experience with most brakes. Campag mirage side pull calipers are very good. Have Shimano R650 are not too bad in the dry, but in very wet conditions pretty lousy. Also have cable Avid disc brakes and those are excellent in the wet- but not much modulation/control/feedback.

On a old MTB I had cantis those were awful. Another MTB had Shimano Deore V brake they were great. I have never used mini v's.

This will be a everyday, all year round bike- mudguards etc. Each have pros and cons, Flyer looks the nicest. Flyer and Day one have rim brakes (pros and cons for that) Day One Disc have disc brakes (pros and cons for that) Day One's paint jobs are awful and bland. Genesis has carbon fork.
Say... That's a nice bike..
Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)


  • roger_merriman
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    if this is a year around bike, Disk even cable works well in wet an dirty roads.

    if Rim brakes, I always preferred dual pivots to V brakes, even if deep drop. unless your going to be using the bike on unpaved roads etc where mud build up clogs pivots.