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diplodicusdiplodicus Posts: 709
edited June 2015 in Road buying advice
Has anyone had recent experience with, or does anyone know if they have ceased trading?

I ordered some Ksyrium Elites from them on the 7th June and haven't received them yet. From reports on this forum it seems delivery is normally 5 days or so.

I have emailed them 3 times. Once through the email address on the order details, once through the contact form on their site and once through their "support management" system. So far no reply. I have phoned during office hours (taking into account time difference) and just get a message in German which I do not understand.

I am now getting o the point where I am considering raising a section 75 request with my credit card to get my money back. It's a shame because I don't want my money back, I'd rather have the wheels :D

Any ideas?


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