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right, i use a Hybrid for the road, done things like the cat, Velothon wales, doing the Etape Eryri, and tour de mon

thinking of the road bike, but it was "racer" my neck was in bits, i have degenerative neck disorder ( c6/c7) would a sportive bike be ok?

something comfy, carbon based bike form?
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    If you have done all that on the hybrid already, you dont say why you are thinking about a road bike? Is the hybrid not comfortable? Are you thinking a road bike will be lighter or faster? What hybrid do you have by the way?

    A sportive bike generally has a more upright position which would probably be better on your neck than a more extreme racer with the bars slammed down.

    Alternatively, if you are comfortable on the hybrid and think that may fit you better then you can get a lighter/higher spec hybrid with the same geometry?
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    lighter is the main reason!

    one option is something like the Specialized Sirrus Comp Disc, or above?

    just wanting opinions and thoughts! thank you for the reply!
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    The Sirrus is still classified as a hybrid, albeit it's one with more of a road bias. If you have a Specialized dealer close at hand, try the Diverge or Roubaix models to see how comfortable they are - they probably have among the most upright positioning on the market among drop-barred bikes. If it's still a literal pain in the neck, then you're on the right track with the flat barred bikes.
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    I have chronic degenerative cervical disc disease so able to offer some advice.
    I ride all sorts of bikes, the road position is fine for me it's the jarring nature of a road bike that gives me a problem. I regularly ride centuries without too much issue on my race oriented Trek Madone, even has a slammed stem.
    I also have a Steel bike that takes 35 tyres that can be run at a low pressure. Currently have 50 on the bike and 40 front. It's a dream to ride, slow in comparison, but the reduced buzz really helps my neck. I do only ride this shorter distances. It's also slightly more upright.
    I stretch a lot and use a foam roller, helps untighten the muscles that clamp up to protect the injured area. As I'm sure you're aware, you'll never be pain free, but you can still ride decent distances on a road bike.
    The worst thing for me at the moment was I had a recent off. This has caused me some nerve damage in the area.
    Anyway, as a summary. I would look at a bike with a comfortable geometry that can accept big wide tyres. An example being a Genesis Croix Der Fer.
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    thank you for the reply

    i find its after then ride, when i am standing, that my neck hurts, just a very deep ache/pain ( and towards the end of a long ride) less on the MTB, due to shifting body! standing and seating and normal movement!
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    I've had c5/c6 fusion 15 years ago, and also have degeneration in the two surrounding discs.
    I do get a slight ache every now and then, but nothing that prevents me from doing anything. My neck aches tend to come from sitting or standing in one position too long, if I can move around, I'm fine
    My previous bike was a Synapse, and currently riding a CAADX. Other than a little lower back ache when getting used to the new CAADX position, I haven't had any problems.
    I tend to change hand position quite often as well, so that probably has something to do with staying comfortable
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    The Planet X London Road hybrid is stunning value IMO. And almost certainly very fast. Will take 37c tyres, guards, etc.

    I'm seriously comtemplating one and, because it's actually a really cheap option, fitting Shimano SLX hydraulic brakes.
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