Is my new shifter DOA?

munkster Posts: 819
edited June 2015 in Workshop
Just installing a new Force 22 groupset (a task I have performed a number of times) and have followed all the instructions for setting up Yaw front mech etc, however the left shifter just refuses to stay in "high" no matter what I do. It shifts the chain out to the big chainring but just will not stay there. It's almost as if the click to hold it there is non existent.

Is it possible that this shifter is DOA or am I missing something?

[edit]I *was* missing something; there was one click left to get rid of before I clamped the cable. Thought I'd clicked out but obviously not. Let that be a lesson for anyone else!! Thank goodness, didn't fancy having to send it back for a replacement (or even a repair)...[/edit]

(Or should [edit] be [eedjit] I wonder.)