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Frank WilsonFrank Wilson Posts: 930
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Anybody on here know what MCCI is, where did it come from, do I need it, if I don't can I get rid of it and if I can how do you execute said removal.

This MCCI thingy turned up about a year ago and I keep getting these Norton warnings "High CPU usage by MCCI and MCCI Browser"

Norton doesn't actually need to tell me this as the pc has usually ground to a halt by then and takes an age to do anything which usually results in me relying on the old failsafe "turn it off at the wall"

Admittedly I am still running XP but have just purchased a new bike so a new computer with Windows 7/8/9/10 or whatever number we are up to is out of the question.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge / help anyone may give.

NB. When offering advice to me on computers please do it in the "For Dummies" style.


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