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Looking for some legwarmers which are really black in colour to match my Assos Shorts when wearing above them, can anyone help please, I have Castelli Nano Flex Legwarmers, but these are more greyish than dark black.


  • assos s7 leg warmers
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • designman
    designman Posts: 405
    I have the Assos legUno_S7 Leg Warmers, but these don't seem to colour match the Assos shorts.
  • DKay
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    Probikekit own brand legwarmers. Very black, good quality and cheap too!
  • I like Mavics SS15's
  • theotherjake
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    PBK match my Assos and Rapha shorts perfectly.
  • gethinceri
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    Aldi, their ones are black.
  • robbo2011
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    Can't really imagine Designman pairing Assos bibs with Aldi warmers. Not quite the image he is after, methinks.

    I'd just use the S7 uno warmers and be done with it. There really isnt that much difference in colour. Or he could just buy the more expensive Assos warmers which are completely black.