New helmet - possible issue

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I just bought a new helmet. I forgot to try it with my glasses on in the store. Later on, I realized that the retention straps go very low, just behind my ears. That means that the arms of my Oakleys will rest on the straps, and not on my skin. Will this be a problem when riding on the bike? I know that there are similar issues with some Kask helmets, Please share your experience with such issues.




  • Dom.C
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    Had the same problem with my Spuik helemt and had no issues. As long as the glasses are still firmly attached to your face and don't feel uncomfterable there shouldn't be any issue. In my case the glasses where slightly too large anyway so actually fitted better.
  • johnmiosh
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    Not a problem if the straps don't cause your specs to move relative to your head. I had this with a pair of Oakley half-jackets, and any movement caused the specs to lift up and down slightly. I bent the side arms into a more traditional arm shape, and problem over. Strangely, Half jacket 2.0s are a perfect fit.
  • fenix
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    Naah no problem.
  • frogdr1ver
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    This happens on my mojito as well, i shove them under the retention thingy. The arms of my oakleys are quite flat though and it doesn't feel uncomfy.