The Most Painful of Mondays...

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Morning Losers!

I should have taken today off work. My legs don't work properly, and my ar$e is so sore that sitting is uncomfortable for a while!

We completed the CC2CC2CC2CC2CC2!!! If you haven't donated, then you're an idiot, but never fear, you can cure your idiocy by donating here.

Right, I'd better get going as everything takes twice as long at the moment.

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  • veronese68
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    Well done TKM, I did wonder if you'd manage to find your way out of your ditch this morning. You've probably realised that we've all been slacking in your absence. Pleased to hear my donation has gone some way towards your suffering. I might go and nudge the roadies again, not sure if it did any good last time though.
    Anyway, it's Monday already. Bleurgh, how did that happen? Hopefully not too much going on today as I'm suffering from cba for no particular reason other than it being Monday. Bit chilly out, but managed a quick wobble into work at least. I've just had tea delivered, woohoo! Now to find some biscuits...

    Well done to the rest of the motley CCCCC2CCCCCCCCCCCCC22CCCCCCCCCC2222CCCCCCCCrew as well of course.
  • tlw1
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    Well done cccccccvc22222ccccc

    Today started well with a decent bike ride in, work meh is happening now though
  • oodboo
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    Bit of a lazy start to the day, decided cleaning my bike was more important than getting to work at a reasonable hour. Somehow I am capable of sitting down today so that's how the day will be spent.
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  • sheepsteeth
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    My legs don't work properly, and my ar$e is so sore

    thats like obvious with my necessary
    twice as long

    thats like my necessary

    Hello cunts. Not done too much on my day off other than get a blood test and buy a new watch strap. Might be out on the bike on wednesday somight do some fettling in a bit.
  • bg13
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    Done sporty type stuff and have sunburn, this will be how my week will continue with boozy lunches ahoy!

    Now move along muddy funsters!
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  • Stevo_666
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    Evening twunts,

    Not a lot to report today apart from a bit of pedalling. Well done the coast to coast crudders, hope you all survived unlike the hookers you buried along the way.
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