Crankset and Rear for a London - Barcelona route

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Hi Bikeradar!

I am new in the forum so please be gentle with me :)

I'm planning to cycle from London to Barcelona with my old Peugeot from the 90's but the only problem (so far) is that this bike has a 52-42t double cranckset and 24-15t at the back. Around a month ago I went from London to Brighton and there was a climb towards the end that was too much and I don't want this happening let's say for example at the Pyrenees :D .

Could you recommend me what to change taking into account price and how easy is to install? (I read that triple crancksets are harder to install).

Many thanks!!


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    I can't really help you with your technical question I'm afraid.

    Have you planned a route presumably? 4 years ago I did a charity ride from Dinard to Barcelona and the vast majority of the terrain was essentially flat apart from the Pyrenees of course. Our route took us from Dinard-Nantes-La Rochelle-Bordeaux-Pau-Pyrenees-Barcelona. I guess your route may e quite similar??
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    It should be relatively easy to change from a Double to a compact, but changing to a triple means changing the derailleur on the front along with the shifter, you will probably also need to change the rear derailiuer as well if you change to a triple.

    And that is providing that you can still get a square taper BB and triple crankset, your basically looking at a whole new groupset.

    So it might be better to change to a double and a longer derailuer.
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