Newbie going for a CX bike for versatility

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Good day, mates. It's only been a month since I started delving into the world of bikes. Coming in fresh, the amount of categories of bikes alone overwhelmed me. Because of that, it took me quite a while to come to a final decision on which bike kind of bike to purchase. Now, since I don't have many friends IRL who are passionate about bikes, I had to turn to the forums and ended up choosing this one. Please lend me your advice. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

I went with a local bike shop that sources all their bikes from They tack on an additional fee of $50, which covers building the bike and offering lifetime tune-ups.

The precise bike model is actually still up in the air. The shop has ordered the following 2 bikes for me to choose from.
Option 1
Option 2

Are the parts in option 2 superior enough to warrant the price difference? Is it worth it? Is there another bike in the "Better Level" category I should be looking at here ( Would it be better for me to go with option 1 and buy better parts than either option offers?

Accessories I have my eye on:

Thanks in advance :!: :mrgreen:


  • Am I in the wrong sub?
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    Am I in the wrong sub?

    I think it's more that these questions have been asked many times before.

    My advice would be to not get either. I think you'd be disappointed. Second hand from one of the big names would get you so much more - the site challenges you to compare with giant etc. There is no comparison!
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    I'm not sure of your budget but I'd go for a planet x london road over those TBH - there's a Tiagra version. They don't call it a cross bike but seems close. Also in the UK Merlin Cycles have their own brand of disc cross bikes which look good too.

    GT grade bikes look great, great reviews & come in at a range of prices. Should be easily available? Might be your best bet?

    I like Whyte bikes too.
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    From your links I'm guessing you are based in the USA? I have no idea what the market is like there but I'm pretty sure you won't have easy access to the Planet X bikes mentioned above.

    As for your questions about the spec of the two bikes you have posted, the cheaper of the two looks to have the most basic of Shimano gearing which comes with an awkward to use button shifter and feels very poor quality. The more expensive one comes with Shimano Claris which is where they start introducing the STI shifters and generally better quality/more robust components (in case you are not in the know, simply put, STI shifters work by pushing the two parts of the brake levers across). I hope this helps.