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msmancuniamsmancunia Posts: 1,457
edited June 2015 in Commuting chat
Bit of fun for a Friday - makes me want to ride a bike....

In other news my new Bianchi has hit these shores and is being built up :D
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,082 Lives Here
    Just got round to watching that, nice. Confirms that my bike has more ability than I do.
    Bianchi in your hands yet?
  • msmancuniamsmancunia Posts: 1,457
    No! :evil: I want my Bianchi....

    Work put the C2W invoice in the file for the payment run rather than paying it straight away so it only got paid yesterday. Have to wait for the certificate now so should be some time next week I think. It's in the box at the shop waiting to be built up, so should be fairly straightforward.
    Commute: Chadderton - Sportcity
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