Which pannier? Rack too.

Mark Alexander
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Hi I'm looking at my first panier system. I generally commute and am looking at the Ortlieb ones.
Are there any reasons to get the office bag plus over the standard roll panier?

I take clothes, phone etc. I don't take a laptop or papers for work itself.
I also need a baby seat compatible.

Thanks in advance.

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  • KerSplosh
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    I use a Topeak Super Tourist DX and regular (though quite old) panniers. Also have a set of Altura panniers that I use (wifes) occasionally.

    For the baby seat I have a yepp seat which sits on the rack using a converter (sold separately). The panniers still sit on the rack while the seat is on. My son is getting to the upper limit of the weight tolerance of the rack now - so potentially I could have got a stronger one, but have had no problems at all with this set up, and would recommend it.
  • I've just switched from Altura Panniers (the Night Vision ones) as they were no longer waterproof after about a year and a half of daily commuting. Had to put contents in a drybag to stop them getting soaked.

    Now got a set of white Ortlieb Back Roller City panniers in white. Not had them long but by all accounts they should last a lot longer than the Altura ones. Cheaper too at less than £70 for the pair . I also prefer the fact that it's just one massive compartment. I just found the flappy zip mesh pocket was always in the way on the Alturas.
    Another plus for the Ortliebs is that they stand so you can load them more easily
  • andy9964
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    I have a Ibera PakRak Touring Carrier Disc, for £11, but probably not seat compatible.
    Another Ortlieb user, Ortlieb Front Roller City panniers in white. Smaller than the back panniers and a little cheaper, but adequate for my needs.
    Another plus point for Ortlieb, is the "lift and go" system they use to attach to the rack, very easy to clip and unclip.
    There's no shoulder strap with the City panniers (at least not the ones I got), but any detachable holdall strap will do if you don't want to use the carrying handle
  • I have recently bought a similar model to this Blackburn pannier

    For the price, the quality is excellent and feels like it will last for years (previous Avenir one lasted 6months).

    One big compartment for chucking in clothes, snacks etc then the smaller zipped compartment accessible from the outside is good for putting phone/keys etc, especially if not putting anything in the main compartment (I leave my clothes at work in a locker).