Shimano 105 5700 bb

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Ok so I have the shimano 105 5700 groupset and want to replace the bb, I understand it is now discontinued, I have been given an alternative of a Tiagra 4600 ? Would the ultegra 6800 one fit as it says on some websites ?

Also it says on the cup " do not disassemble " which I have once taken it apart ( with the correct tool ) to clean and re grease as I was getting clicking noises which I think were coming from there, the noises have returned a year later so have decided to just replace the bottom bracket, but I just wondered why it says that on the cup ?



  • jgsi
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    . just not serviceable as such... just replaceble... at about £15 tops.
  • rogerv78
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    Yeah that was the plan but I'm not sure which one to get, thanks
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    Any Shimano Hollowtech Road BB will do the job. 4600 Tiagra is £7.45 from Ribble. Or the newer 11 speed 105 / Ultegra level BBR60 is £11.95. (all the old 5600 / 5700 / 6700 stuff seems out of stock unless you want Italian threaded!)

    The dearer BBs may be lighter / better sealed.

    The new "11 speed" ones are a smaller external diameter so you'll need the appropriate BB tool or a plastic adapter so you can use the tool that fits your 5700 BB. The plastic insert may come with the BBR60 BB.

    The do not disassemble warnings are just Shimano's way of telling you to chuck them in the recycling when they pack up. People have had mixed results picking out the seals and regreasing them. Given the cost / ease of replacement it's hardly worth the effort.
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    any shimano hollowtech II BB will do, the newer 5800/6800 (smaller external diameter) ones have lower rolling resistance apparently